The first thing you should do when you start using All Hours is add users to your account to make it come to life. You can add them to All Hours in different ways. For the first time, you can use the wizard or bulk import so you can save time and avoid clicking. Later on, you can add them one by one.

To start adding go to Users where you can see Add user button in the right upper corner.

1. Add new users one by one

To add users one by one, choose the Users tab first and click on the button +Add user in the top right corner.

Here you can fill out the form with the user's information under tabs.


  • Firstname and Lastname are mandatory.

  • Tags are useful to assign users to certain approvers.

  • Add personal info if you wish to save it here.

  • Under custom fields, you can assign a unique ID to every user.

Time & Attendance

  • Assign certain user to a department

  • Determine according to which work plan will data be calculated for this person.

  • You can also change the calendar.

  • Set calculation date from which day forward will data be recorded.

  • Add identifiers if you use Time Terminal for clocking.

Request & Data Access

  • In case this user has administration permissions you can limit their view/edit approval rights to chosen departments.

  • Determine if these administration permissions are subject to restrictions by department or by tags.


  • Email is mandatory if you wish to use a web or mobile login. The username must be a valid email address and it's should be unique across the application.

  • Allow users to log in if you allow them mobile/web login. Users without the ability to log in will only be using Time Terminals.

  • Send an invite email to new users so they can set their passwords or you can do it later.

  • Select an appropriate Authorization role from the drop-down menu. An authorization role is a set of permissions that will be valid for this user account.

Once you have entered all the information, click on Save, and the newly added user will appear in the list of users.

2. Add users in bulk

For bulk import of users go to tab Users and on the right upper corner, click on the arrow on button +Add user and choose a suitable option.

  1. Import wizard

  2. Import CSV

  3. Update users preferences

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  1. Import wizard

    Go to the Users tab and click the arrow on the +Add User button in the top right corner and select Import Wizard. To import employees with the wizard, you only need the email addresses of the employees you want to add to All Hours. You enter them in the box and go ahead to review the employee details and settings. Once you are happy with the data you can send invitations to the newly added employees so they can start to clock in.

  2. Import (CSV)

    a. Start

    Go to the Users tab and click the arrow on the +Add User button in the top right corner and select Import (CSV).

    b. Download file

    Download the template file by clicking ''here''. Correctly fill out the file and you can import it to All Hours (keep in mind the requirements for the import of CSV files). With this action, you will avoid a lot of manual clicking.

    Delete the example data (John Smith) from the template and add the data of your new users.

💡 Excel tip: For more clear table, you can sort your data in columns instead of delimited with a comma. Go to Data → Text to Columns → Delimited → Comma → Finish. If you do this, make sure you mark delimiter: semicolon (;) when importing the file in All Hours.

Remember to follow the requirements of the import CSV file:

  • The encoding must be set to UTF-8.

  • The CSV file includes eight columns (Email, Firstname, Lastname, Identifier, Custom Id, Running balance (+/- hh:mm), Vacation balance and Last Year Vacation Days).

  • Columns (Firstname and Lastname) are mandatory.

c. Import the file

1. Choose delimiter according to the format of the table (rows - comma; columns - semicolon).

2. Set a calculation start date.

3. Select the file which you've filled in previously step to upload.

4. Tick box Create user account... and Send invite email if you wish to send it now or send it later. Newly added users will receive invitations to All Hours via mail.

5. Select the appropriate Authorization role from the menu which appears when you click on the empty field.

6. Check out the preview and if you're satisfied finish the process by selecting the Import button.

After a few seconds, successfully imported users will receive an email with instructions on how to set their password (if the option to send email invitations was ticked in this step).

3. Update users balances

If you want to update the balance of hours, vacation balance and old vacation balance you can use this import to update these values instead of clicking one by one.

To keep the current values, simply leave the desired fields blank and they will be skipped during the update. Balances will be updated on the date chosen.

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