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Employee authorization role

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Employee role

The Employee role is set to only use the system for themselves. This means this user can only see their own data and manage it based on permissions given here:

Employee role defaults:

  • See 4 basic views in the app but only for themselves

  • Can clock-in on web and mobile

  • Cannot clock events for any chosen time. Clocking can be performed in realtime only to prevent abuse

  • Editing and deleting clocking events is disabled

  • Absences must be requested

  • Absences cannot be edited or deleted except when they are still pending for approval

  • User is allowed to clock-in from anywhere (geofencing is disabled)

Employee role in practice - turning on Geofencing

A quick overview of the standard settings for an employee level user are shown on the screenshot below.

Geofencing was turned on which means employees can now only clock-in on the mobile app when they are in a correct Geolocation or near a Beacon.

Geofencing in practice

When an employee with Geofencing turned on is not on the correct location or near a beacon, the mobile app buttons are greyed out (disabled). The employee has to be in the correct place such as your office to be allowed to clock-in:

Button for clocking disabled since the location is not authorized
and there are no beacons in range:

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