How to configure Paid Time rule?

Learn how to set Paid Time rule in the system

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The Paid Time rule is used for setting a period within a day in which attendance is taken into account for time calculation. Any attendance outside of this period is marked as unpaid time and is shown both on the timeline as well as the analytics section. The Paid time period is presented with the green line on the views.

  1. Go to Settings/Global Time Rules/System Rules view and select Paid Time

If you do not see the view, contact your account administrator to give you appropriate permissions.

2. Select the Edit button to set duration values for each day in a week. The duration parameter defines the amount of time in a shift that counts as paid time. The start offset parameter adds an additional period of paid time before the shift starts. If the value is not set then paid time starts at the same time as the shift. If the rule is disabled, all presence will be calculated as unpaid time.

3. Additional, you can set different parameters for days that are marked as holidays.

4. Finish the process by selecting the Save button. The Period selection dialogue will appear where you select from what point in time the rule will be valid. Select the appropriate time point and select the Save button.

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