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Reset Zone Touch time terminal
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After setting up Zone Touch terminal, there can be some network interferences or time change that require reset of Zone Touch.

Reset can be done:

Reset form AllHours portal

AllHours administrator that has rights to administer Settings > Clocking points > can go to problematic Point and 'Update time clock' that resets ZT time if network errors occured

Reset from Zone Touch terminal

To manually restart the Zone Touch time terminal follow the process:

  • hold your finger on the screen for 10 seconds

  • enter pin number 1337 on the keypad

  • list of folders will open where you select Settings

  • under the Device Info section, you can Reboot/Restart the device

It is also good idea to do Connectivity test and check correct IP address is asigned before reboot

To do Connectivity test go to Connection info and select Test connectivity

Result should be success:

If there are failsit is necessary to check with your network admin that all ports are allowed:

DNS - port 53

NTP - port 123

MQTT - port 8883

HTTPS - port 443

Reboot from Zone Touch portal (ZAP) from your local network

This portal is embedded in the device and is accessible with any of the most common browsers by entering the device IP address in the address bar.

In case the device is using DHCP neworking configuration, it can also be accessed by entering its hostname: http://zoneABCDEF-> Where ABCDEF are the last 6 characters of the device MAC address (printed on the label).

For example: C4:F4:64:01:AA:5F-> http://zone01AA5FOnce access is gained you must follow the clear instructions to logon.

  1. Click enter:

2. Confirm the security exception (this step is normal since the ZAP portal does not use 3rd party Certificate Authorities to veriy ZAP certificate)

3. Enter the username and password when prompted. (default username: »user« and password: »123«).

4. Once logged on the networking configuration is accessible in the »device settings« section

5. For details of configuration please consult your networking administrator. This is a summary of the connection needs for his guidance:

5.jpg (463×306)

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