1. Power up Zone Touch device and make sure the connection to the Internet is enabled.

Zone Touch - Cable connection

2. Go to the web application and navigate to Settings\Clocking Points. Add a new clocking point or use the existing one.

New clocking point dialogue

3. Select Add button in the Time Clocks section on Clocking Point edit view.

Clocking point details

4. Select Spica Zone Touch option and enter the MAC address matching the one from the product label, either from the device chassis or packaging box. Update other device parameters if necessary. Finish the step by selecting the Save button.

Add time clock - Select device

5. After a couple of seconds, the status of the device should update to online if the device has successfully connected to All Hours server.

Time Clocks - Online terminal

Use Update time clock action to sent current configuration to the terminal. Date/time parameter will update according to the selected time zone setting.

Zone Touch - Online status
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