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How to set up Zone Touch device?
How to set up Zone Touch device?

This guide will help you set up Zone Touch device

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1. Power up Zone Touch device and make sure the connection to the Internet is enabled.

Zone Touch - Cable connection

2. Open All Hours and navigate to Settings > Clocking Points and add a new clocking point.

3. When you add a new clocking point, select the type Time clock and then Spica Zone Touch. Enter the MAC address that matches the address on the product label, either from the device chassis or the packing box. When entering the MAC address, be sure to use : (colon) after every 2 characters. Update other device parameters if needed. To complete the step, select the Save button.

Add time clock - Select device

4. If you have successfully connected the terminal, it will show you the status online on the right. Use the Update Clock button to update the date and time according to the selected time zone setting. You also have the Edit and Delete buttons available.

The terminal is now ready for use 😊

To test it, click on arrival and place the card next to it and check if the event has been recorded correctly in your All Hours app.

All Hours uses cloud solution to communicate with Terminals. For everything to work as expected, the following connections should be enabled in firewall.

All Hours

  • HTTPS: port 443

Door Cloud


  1. DNS: port 53

  2. NTP: port 123

  3. MQTT: port 8883:


  4. HTTPS:




Optional (used when running connection test):

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