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How to set reminders on mobile app?
How to set reminders on mobile app?

Set reminders to prevent forgotten clocking.

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You can set clocking reminders in the mobile app and receive notifications that remind you to clock in and out.

Each employee sets reminders on his own in the mobile app. Click on the profile in the top left corner to open the options for setting reminders.

Location reminder

If you enable location reminder you'll receive a notification when you arrive or leave the company or specific geolocation.

You must enter geolocation in the clocking points settings so All Hours can recognize when a user arrives at or leaves the location and reminds them to clock. Instructions for adding a geolocation >>

Time reminder

The reminder reminds you to register according to the timeframe you set.

Select days and times when you want to receive the reminder.

❗ You must allow notifications and location tracking for All Hours in phone settings so reminders can do their job.

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