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Set up Beacon with the Estimote app
Set up Beacon with the Estimote app

Using the Estimote app, we request Beacon and pair it with an All Hours account.

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You need to add the Beacon device into your All Hours account if you want to clock with the mobile application near a Beacon.

The process of connecting Beacon and All Hours with the Estimote app

1. Download the Estimote app (App Store, Google Play) to your phone.

2. When you have successfully downloaded the application, select the Configuration option highlighted in yellow.

3. Before claiming Beacon, you need to register with Estimote and create a new user account. To sign in, click on the person icon in the upper right corner and select Sign up.

4. Once you are on the radar, locate and select your Beacon.

4. Beacon needs to be claimed. When you claim it, notify the All Hours team so they can confirm your request.

5. Once the Beacon is transferred to you, open the web application and follow these instructions to add a new clocking point and select Beacon in the last step.

You will need the following parameters which are available in Estimote app:

  • UUID

  • Major value

  • Minor value

Once the parameters are added and saved, the mobile application will detect Beacon.

If you want to limit the clocking of employees only to the surroundings of Beacon, it is necessary to check the option Geofencing on the mobile application in the Authorization roles. Follow these instructions on where to do it >>

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