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Geofencing or require location before clocking
Geofencing or require location before clocking

Enabling geofencing or require location before clocking on authorization role.

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Geofencing in practice

When an employee with Geofencing turned on is not on the correct location or near a beacon, the mobile app clocking buttons are greyed out (disabled). The employee has to be in the correct place such as your office to be allowed to clock-in. How to set up geolocation>>

📍 Condition: The user must have the location turned on and allow the All Hours mobile application to record its location of clocking.

Button for clocking are disabled since the location is not authorized
and there are no beacons in the range:

1. Turning on Geofencing

1. Go to Settings > Authorization roles and choose role which is assigned to users to whom you want to set geofencing.

2. First enable clocking on the mobile app and then check Geofencing on the mobile application.

Geofencing is turned on which means employees can now only clock-in on the mobile app when they are in a correct Geolocation or near a Beacon.

3. Don't forget to Save it.

2. Turn on Require location before clocking an event

If you want to record the event clocking location of your employees but do not want to restrict them with geofencing, turn on the Request location before clocking an event. This will require your employees to allow the All Hours app to track the clocking location. This option is suitable for field workers who frequently change the locations which you want to monitor.

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