All Hours reports explained

Customize reports to gather Time&Attendance data in form you wish.

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The report is a classical way how to export Time&Attendance data out of the system.

Go to Reports and select report type from the following report templates:

  • Daily summary – This report shows category and calculation data on a daily scale.

  • First arrival last departure - This report shows information about the first arrival and last departure on a daily scale.

  • Period summary – This report shows the condensed calculation for the selected period.

  • Payroll export - this option is located in the menu under reports and it is used for customizing reports which can be directly imported into your payroll software program

Select report type, generate it and get creative with customizing it to fit your needs. The layout can then be saved as a custom report for future use.

Customize reports

1. Moving columns:

Load any report and drag and drop columns to change their order. Columns can be "grabbed" and dragged to another position just like the "plan" column in the example below:

2. Adding or removing columns

Right-click on the column headers and select Column Chooser.

A pop-up with all available counters opens so you can choose which counters and accruals to show on the report.

3. Saving your custom report:

After any change to the template report, All Hours will ask us to save a new copy of the report.

After saving the report, it is available in the report choosing column.

💡 The report can also be sorted as desired using filters.

Once you have created the report and saved it, you can download it by clicking on the Download and select format: PDF, Excel, CSV, TSV

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