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Set time calculation rules
Overriding global time rules
Overriding global time rules

Using Time Policies and Work Plans

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There are two levels of time calculation rules that can be found in the settings menu:

  • Global Time Rules
    Used by default for all users

  • Time Policies
    Overrides of global rules that can be assigned to each employee

Overriding global rules

The global time rules are used by default for all users but can be overridden for each employee. Overrides are defined under Time Policies.

Time Policies can be represented as "forks" of the global rules designed for each particular team or employee.

Time policies must be included in Work plans to be assigned to employees!

Work plans

Time policies are included in Work plans and these are assigned to users.

The most simple Work Plan will only have one Time Policy with no conditions meaning the Time Policy will be applied every day. Alternatively, a work plan can include several Time policies that are then applied based on several conditions.

Apply one Time Policy to a user or team

  1. Create a new Time policy under Settings >> Time policies

  2. Add a name and description

  3. Click the checkmark "create work plan with this policy added"

A new Time Policy is created and you can use it to customize any rules or disable their inheritance from the global level.

A new Work Plan with the same name as the Time Policy is also created and this can be assigned to different users. It already includes the Time policy so all you have to do is assign the work plan to users.

Assign the Work Plan to a user:

  1. Go to Identity >> Users

  2. Select a user you wish to apply the new Time policy to

  3. Select the Time & Attendance tab and apply the new work plan

Now this person's time attendance will be calculated based on the rules defined in your new time policy.

Assign new rules in bulk:

  • Bulk select users on Identity >> Users

  • Click actions and select "assign work plan"

A new Work Plan will be assigned to all selected users and come into effect from the selected date.

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