What are geolocations?

  • Geolocations can be detected by the All Hours mobile app.

  • Geolocations are GPS points on a map with a radius.

  • Once detected, any clocking events added on this location are marked with the name of the clocking point.

What is a Beacon and why should I use one?

Bluetooth Beacons are small devices that connect to mobile phones via Bluetooth in a small area such as a room, a classroom or an office.

  • GPS data used for Geolocations is accurate up to 50 meters and is still pretty bad inside buildings.

  • Beacons on the other hand work inside buildings and inside particular rooms.

  • All Hours can recognize your beacons and thus pinpoint the location of your employees when they clock-in using the mobile app.

A typical beacon looks like this:


For employees with geofencing turned on, the mobile app will only allow clocking-in when in range of a beacon or on the correct GPS coordinates.

If you only want to allow your employees to clock-in on particular locations such as your office, we recommend you first try setting up a geolocation. If the geolocation isn't accurate enough, you can always add a beacon to your setup.

Geofencing works with both beacons and GPS locations. Employees can only clock-in on mobile when they are in the correct location.

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