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All about Bluetooth Beacon.

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What is a Bluetooth beacon?

Is a small and inexpensive battery-powered device, that lasts for several years and requires no internet connection.. Beacon allows you to distinguish positions indoors allowing you to know who clocked in and out in different rooms, not just different addresses.

How does it work?

All Hours uses Bluetooth Beacons to limit clocking only when a Beacon is nearby. This way you can be sure that your employees are exactly where they should be when clocking in. Employees can clock in simultaneously when they are in the range of a beacon

Easy to use

Beacons are also popular for their simplicity. Employees can easily see when they are in the range of a beacon and their clocking options become available.

Easy to manage

You or your managers can add beacons to your All Hours account with ease. Just connect the beacon to your account, give it a name and you’re done. Clocking locations will now be marked with the appropriate beacon’s name allowing administrators to easily see, who clocked in at which location.

Recommended beacons

All Hours works with any beacon adhering to the iBeacon standard. One of the vendors we love to recommend is Estimote . Beacons can be ordered directly from All Hours.

Why should I use one?

  • GPS data used for Geolocations is accurate up to 50 meters and is still pretty bad inside buildings.

  • Beacons on the other hand work inside buildings and inside particular rooms.

  • All Hours can recognize your beacons and thus pinpoint the location of your employees when they clock-in using the mobile app.

What is a Bluetooth beacon?


For employees with geofencing turned on, the mobile app will only allow clocking-in when in range of a beacon or on the correct GPS coordinates.

If you only want to allow your employees to clock in only on particular locations such as your office, we recommend you first try setting up geolocation. If the geolocation isn't accurate enough, you can always add a beacon to your setup.

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