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Creating a new type of absence
Creating a new type of absence

If there is no specific absence that you want to track, simply add it in a few steps.

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When you open an account, there are some basic absences already in the system. If you want to monitor other types of absences that are not currently in the system, you can easily add them.

You can check what is currently in the system at Settings > Events > Absences.

Follow these 3 steps below to add a new absence

In the example below, we will add the absence of professional development. You can add other types of absences in the same way.

Step 1: Create a new category

  • Click the +Add button at the top right.

  • Enter the name of the absence, choose whether it is paid time and whether this absence represents presence status at the workplace. Here you also select an icon.

  • Save.

💡 Hot tip: to enlarge visuals press ctrl and +

Step 2: Create a new event

  • Click the Add button at the top right.

  • Enter the name of the absence, select the category you created in the previous step, define the calculation type, and optionally check the Allow employees to request this absence option.

  • Save.

Step 3: Create a counter

After creating a new category and event, we create a new counter so that we can display this absence on the reports.

  1. Click the + Add new daily counter button and name it.

  2. Select Edit and edit these two items:

    • Sources:

      Click Add on the right and select the
      - source: choose if newly created absence count in Paid time/Unpaid time/Plan/Absence...
      - method: choose if the value of this absence adds or subtracts from the selected source

    • Conditions: Source categories:

      Restrict by category on the right, click Add and select a category

  3. Save and select a calculation period, to start from a specific date,

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