All Hours - Time terminal application (ATT)

Use the app on your phone instead of the time clock.

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You can use the All Hours - Time terminal (ATT) application on your Android device instead of the time clock to clock employees' working hours. NFC technology allows the clockings of arrivals, departures and other events with identification cards.

The process of setting up an ATT application

Download the All Hours - Time Terminal from a mobile store.

Once the app is successfully loaded, it needs to be paired with your All Hours account.

Pairing process:

  • Open your All Hours account and go to Settings > Registration points > Settings

  • Create a new clocking point and add the Time clock

  • A window will open where you can fill in the missing information

    • choose an Android Time terminal

    • enter the pairing code of the terminal, which is displayed on the mobile application

    • fill in other information: name, time zone, language and save

  • The pairing process is complete. Try holding the card to a device that has NFC enabled, if the pairing process was successful, the device will detect the card. Before clocking, press the type of event you want to record e.g. arrival and place the card. You can also change the displayed clocking buttons.

  • Your pairing code is always available in the device settings. To open the settings, hold your finger on the All Hours logo.

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