It's possible to clock in four different ways in All Hours. Within clock-in options, there are possible restrictions and devices that could be implemented. Within authorization roles, you can define set rules that apply to certain employees or groups.

Find the appropriate clocking points you wish to implement in your company.



Clocking in with a Time Clock

Time clock

Mobile Time Clocking


Bluetooth beacon clocking


Web app clocking

IP address

Time clock - It's suitable for office spaces as well as warehouses and factory usage.

Employees pick an action (arrival, departure, lunch...) on the touch screen and use their card or chip to finish the clocking process.

Geolocation - All Hours offers Geofencing, meaning employees can only clock in and out using the mobile application when they are at the right location. As an administrator, you can set locations where your employees are allowed to register their hours, like your office for instance.

Beacon - Bluetooth beacons offer the highest precision when it comes to geofencing and location tracking. A beacon is a simple Bluetooth device that you place in your office and employees can only register arrivals and events when their mobile devices are near the beacon.

IP address - Clocking via the web app can be limited to different IP addresses that are listed in the app.

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