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Introduction to All Hours for Time and Attendance.

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Your path to efficient time and attendance begins here.

First steps with All Hours 🚀

We've created a Quick Guide for you, to help you set up your workspace. Step by step you can learn about the basic functions of All Hours and then build on it with advanced settings. We highly recommend reading as you will find out what the solution has to offer. The goal is to configure the account as quickly and easily as possible according to the needs of your company and gain knowledge for the efficient use of the system. Fast and simple onboarding is an advantage of cloud solutions, as the implementation period can last only 1-2 days. Once All Hours is successfully implemented in your business, it won’t need much of your attention. So let's get started.

Help center and knowledge base

Need help with the configuration? The help center is always here for you to assist you with tips from the All Hours team. You can access it by clicking on the Help tab in the web application. Articles will always be available if you need new information or just a refresh of your knowledge. If you miss an article, please contact us, we'll be happy to add content that will help you. We will also keep you informed about what's new, webinars, and updates...

Subscription upgrade

Once you open an All Hours account, you have a 14-day free trial period. You will need to upgrade your subscription if you want to continue using All Hours after the free trial period. Do this by clicking the Buy subscription in the online application and fill in the information. The free trial provides you with all the features that are available in the paid version. All settings in your test account are transferred to the upgraded one.


If you are still in doubt after reviewing the All Hours Help Center, please contact our internal support via [email protected] 📩 or via a cloud chat 💬 located in your web application in the lower right corner. Your questions are handled by experts who strive to answer them as soon as possible. The price of email and chat support is incalculable in the All Hours subscription.

Finally, we wish you a pleasant and successful use of All Hours and easy life as possible when it comes to keeping track of time and attendance in your company.

It is time to take the time and attendance in your company to the next level.

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