We've created this Getting started guide to help you set up your workspace, and then build on the basics. You can also find many other tips from the All Hours team in the help center. If you haven't found your answers contact us via support via chat in the bottom right corner or via email: [email protected].

When you open a new account, the Homepage of the All Hours application opens. 👇

There is a menu on the left. As a full administrator, you see all the tabs and have the ability to edit all settings and data. By default, employees with limited rights see the first 3 tabs with their data (Home, Timelines, Calendars). Adjust privileges in authorization roles.

The main field is a web clock with buttons through which we record events in real-time. Buttons can be added or removed according to your needs.

The Events section shows you the events of the last few days.

Under My absences requests, you see the remaining number of days of vacation leave and the status of submitted absences.

On the right, in the Presence section, everyone can see the current status of employees in your company. You can also remove this view so it's not visible to all employees.

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