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Set time calculation rules
Cut or transfer running balance
Cut or transfer running balance
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The running balance is the sum of the daily balances in the active billing period and is transferred to the next month by default. If you do not want to transfer and you want to cut it on a monthly or annual level you have the option to set this automatically.

What are the cutting options?

  • We can set it to 0,

  • can be cut if it is greater than a certain parameter,

  • we add if it is less than a certain parameter,

  • cut if greater and add if it is lower than a certain parameter.

This can be set on a Global level and it is inherited to all work plans or you can set it on an individual work plan that applies to a particular employee or group of employees to whom we want to assign this rule.

First, we set the rules regarding cutting, and then we determine the payday in the calendar on which the balance is cut.

Balance cut

2. Clicking Edit opens the settings, where we find the Action events below and click Add

3. Adding a new action event:

  • Execution point: calendar event type, select Payday

  • Use yesterday's value check

  • Action: here you decide how you would like to cut.

    1. example: cutting to 0

    Make 2 rules: Add if lower + cut if greater, in both cases the value is 0

    2. example: we only transmit minus hours

    Make 1 rule: Cut if it's greater than 0

    3. example: Not tolerated for more than +10 hours or less than -10 hours

    Make 2 rules: Cut if it is greater than 10 and add if it is less than 10

  • When we add rules, we save everything altogether and select a validity period.

Add payday into the calendar

It is also necessary to specify the date of the payment day.

  1. You select a calendar that is assigned to employees.

  2. In addition to holidays and vacation limits, we also add a Payday if it has not already been set.

  3. Assign a name, select date, type: Payday, Repeat: monthly cut or annual

  4. Save

🕵️‍♀️ Check the setting by placing on the timelines, selecting the user, and moving from the last date in the month to the first, and check at the right side to see if the balance has been cut, taking into account the validity period you set.

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