How to archive a user?

Different ways on how to arhive user and remove him from timelines and calendar views.

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To remove a user from the user's view you have the option to delete or archive the user. Deleting a user also deletes all of their history, so we suggest that you select archiving so the system stores archived user data. Users can't be retrieved from the archive, if you want to reactivate them, you'll need add them again as a new user.

There are 3 ways to archive a user.

1. If you hover your mouse over the user, the option to edit or archive will appear on the right. Click the right Archive icon.

2. You can double-click to open an employee and select Actions at the top right where you have the Archive option.

3. For bulk archiving, you can check the users you want to archive and select Actions then Archive. All selected users will be archived.

When you select the Archive option, the window in the image below will appear.

If you don't want the user to appear on Time and Attendance views (calendars or timelines), uncheck Show on Time & Attendance views. You can also set the last calculation day. To finish archiving click on Permanently archive.

If you leave a check mark on Show on Time & Attendance views it will continue to show you this user in calendars and on timelines.

If you forgot to uncheck the box, go to the Users tab and click in the box at the top right. Select view and select Archived Users.

On this view, you will see all archived users. Click on the user who you don't want to see on timelines and calendars anymore. On the Time and attendance tab, you have the option to uncheck the box Show on Time and Attendance views and Save. The user will no longer be visible in calendars or timelines. 👌

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