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Adding a new identifier (card/chip) for clocking at the Time clock
Adding a new identifier (card/chip) for clocking at the Time clock

To start clocking via the time clock, you need to enter an identifier's number in All Hours and associate it with a certain user.

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Identifiers are cards or chips used to clock working time at the time clock. First, an identifier must be added to All Hours and then linked to the user so that All Hours knows whom to record the clocked events.

Adding a new identifier

1. If you go to the Users tab, in the Identifiers column you will be able to see which identifier belongs to which employee. If the column is empty, it means that the user does not have an identifier assigned to him/her and therefore cannot register via the terminal.

2. If you would like to add a new identifier, you must first add it on the Identifiers tab.

Click + Add identifier at the top right. Here you can enter your identifier number and Save it.

💡 The identifier number is obtained by placing the card or chip on the time terminal where the number of identifier will be displayed.

3. A newly added identifier has no owner and needs to be assigned to a specific person. To do this, go to the Users tab and click on the user to whom you want to add an identifier. Select the Time and Attendance tab and click on the Identifiers box below. It already offers you the identifier we added in the previous step, if you added more, make sure you choose the right one. After clicking save, the identifier is now successfully added and associated with the user. If you place the identifier on the time clock, the name of the user to whom you have assigned this identifier will be displayed and clocking would be recorded.

Assignment of an identifier from one user to another

If you want to move the identifier from one user and assign it to another click on the user from which you would like to remove the certain identifier and click on the Time and Attendance tab, where you can delete the identifier in the field below. After deleting it jumps back to the free identifiers. Then go to the user to whom you want to add this identifier and assign it.

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