Vacation balance

Vacation entry and properties of counters.

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Track how many days of vacation are left for the user to take.

The number of vacation days can be entered in two ways:

1. Individual manual entry - suitable for smaller numbers of users or corrections
2. Group entry by importing file - suitable for a larger number of users

1. Individual manual entry

1. Go to Timelines > Employee day and select the user to whom you want to assign vacation balance, and specify the date from which entry of vacation balance will be valid. Use the Add Adjustment button.

2. Click on the arrow to see more options within adjustments.

The following 4 are relevant for the entry of vacation balance:

  • Override balance of vacation days - with this adjustment you set the number of vacation days which overrides the existing vacation balance

  • Override balance of old vacation days - same for old vacation days

  • Vacation entry - the value entered under this adjustment is added or subtracted from the existing vacation balance

  • Last year vacation entry - same for old vacation days

❗ The vacation entry counter includes last year's and this year's vacation. ❗

Example: William has 6 days of last year's vacation and 25 days of this year's vacation. Enter the adjustments: Last year's vacation entry: 6 days and Vacation entry: 31 days. When William's vacation days will pass by, both counters will go down (of course, the absence of annual leave must be added in the All Hours).

3. After choosing type of adjustment, fill out others details.

  • Enter their vacation balance

  • Choose from which date on vacation balance is valid.

  • **If you choose a period on the calendar, vacation balance will be entered for every day - we suggest you choose just one day and enter vacation balance number**

  • 4. Choose on which days (scheduled hours/all days/workdays only) vacation is valid

  • 5. OK, action is completed

If he spends 2 days vacation, his balance will be Last year's vacation entry: 4 days and Vacation entry: 29, which are always shown in the Calculation details.

By default, last year's vacation is cut on 1st July, and on 1st January vacation counter is transformed into last year's holiday meter.

You can also adjust these limits in Settings under the Calendar groups tab.

2. Group entry by importing a file

Position yourself on tab Users.

Click the arrow at the top right next to the Add User button and chose the Update users balances option.

Click here to download the template file which you fill out in the form template suggests and import it back into All Hours. Pay attention to the correctly chosen Date of insert, from which day onwards the entered vacation balance is valid.

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