Creating or editing an absence in All Hours is pretty simple.

In this case, we want to change the existing Sick leave absence so that it can be added for just a few hours a day instead of taking the whole day.

1. Go to Settings > Event definitions > Absences

2. Edit the existing Sick leave absence, by clicking on it

  • Change absence calculation type:
    Whole day absenceWhole day Absence with partial option.

  • Do you allow your employees, to request this absence themselves? If yes tick the bow next to Allow employees to request this absence.

  • Save.

3. The Sick leave absence can now be inserted for an entire day or just for a few hours.

This absence is already configured to mark time with the Sick leave category. A counter also exists that counts this time so that it can then be displayed on reports.

If you would like to add more different absences that are not already available in the system check out his article >>How to create new types of absences?

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