Clocking events and absences record time under different categories.

You can setup your own events with their own categories. Events can be clocked or requested and time allotted to different categories can be counted and shown on reports or exported for payroll.

Clockings, Absences, and Adjustments

See Settings >> Event Definitions


Clockings are different clocking events that can be shown as buttons on the mobile app, web clocking widget and time terminals.

By default, your account will have Arrival, Departure, Start work from home, Lunch break, Paid exit and Departure already configured.

Clocking buttons

You can define which events are shown as clocking buttons on the web app, the mobile app, or the time terminal.


Absences are not clocked but requested for a particular period. They can be full day, half-day or partial. They can also be limited to only be available to administrators.


You can setup your own adjustments such as adding hours to an overtime or overriding the value of a particular counter.

Administrators with permissions to use adjustments will be able to use them on the Employee day view of their users.

How to setup categories >>

Example: How to setup a counter and show it on reports >>

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