Each report in All Hours can be customized to fit your needs. The layout can then be saved as a custom report for future use.

Moving columns:

Load any report and drag and drop columns to change their order. Columns can be "grabbed" and dragged to another position just like the "paid" column in the example below:

Adding or removing columns

Right click on the column headers and select Column Chooser:

A pop-up with all available counters opens so you can choose which counters and accruals to show on the report:


  • The Daily summary report can show both Daily and Accrual counters

  • The Period summary report can show only Daily counters

  • The FALD report can only show certain additional violations and the Grad export file cannot be customized at all

Saving your custom report:

After any change to the template report, All Hours will ask us to save a new copy of the report:

After saving the report, it is available in the report choosing column:

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