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Setup work from home as an absence event
Setup work from home as an absence event

Tracking work from home as an "absence" that can take several hours or a whole day and requires approval

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Setting up work from home can be done in two ways:

  • As a clocking event

  • As an absence event

To understand the difference between both types of events, please, check out the following article:

In this example, we are creating an absence event.

What do we need?

  • A category
    defines the type of time we are tracking

  • A clocking or absence event
    the event used by employees to clock the time

  • A counter
    counts the time so it is available on reports

Setting up a category:

Go to Settings >> Category Definitions and Add a new category:

Give it a name (work at home), set time to be counted as Paid and Presence status as Absent.

You can also choose an Icon that will be shown on the calendar and timeline views.

Setting up the absence event

Setting up a partial absence means the users will have to select the day of working from home and will have an additional option of adding start and end times if the absence doesn't take the whole day.

When defined as an absence, Employees will have to request work from home and have their requests approved by their managers or admins!

Setting up a counter and showing the result on reports

Go to Settings >> Global Time Rules >> Daily counters and add new counter:

Click edit on the counter and set it to count time instead of instances:

Now click Edit next to the Time period selection:

Now you can add sources and categories:

Add a source to your new counter with the following settings:

Now add a source category with the following settings:

You can now save the counter and access it on reports as well.

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