Setting up a new geolocation

  1. Go to Settings >> Clocking points

  2. Add a new clocking point by giving it a name and clicking save:

3. You are presented with a view where you can add different devices and geolocations:

4. Adding a new geolocation will allow you to choose the point and radius of the location on a map:

5. The geolocation is then detected by the mobile app:

Clocking point is recorded

In our example, users clocking-in on this location will be shown as having clocked in on Clocking point named "Company HQ":

Several geolocations on one clocking point

  • You can use several geolocations on the same clocking point. This way you can cover a wider area.

  • You can combine geolocations or even time terminals with beacons in the same clocking point.

  • For example, you can name one clocking point as Company HQ and add different devices or geolocations that represent this one location.

  • Alternatively, you can have one geolocation per clocking point for maximum accuracy in reports. In this case it is best to name both the Geolocation and the Clocking point with the same name!


  • Clock-in can be limited to geolocations and beacons

  • This means an employee can only clock-in once the mobile app has detected that they are in an approved location such as your company's address

  • We call this option Geofencing and it is controlled on the user's permissions

How to setup geofencing >>

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