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How to setup a Bluetooth Beacon
How to setup a Bluetooth Beacon

Bluetooth Beacon setup

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Bluetooth Beacon needs to be added to your All Hours account. Firstly find parameters with Beacon scanner and then add them to All Hours.

Finding the required parameters

You will need the following parameters to add Beacon to All Hours:

  • UUID

  • Major value

  • Minor value

The easiest way to find these parameters is to read Beacon with the app. We recommend these two:

Open the app and find the beacons. If you have multiple Beacons, they will be displayed one after the other as shown in the image below.

Adding Beacon

1. Add new clocking point according to these instructions and choose Beacon in the last step.

2. Adding a beacon will open the form to add UUID, Major and Minor values as well as a name.

Once added, the beacon is detected by the mobile app on the bottom of the home screen.

Several beacons on one clocking point

  • You can use several beacons on the same clocking point. This way you can cover a wider area or several rooms at once.

  • You can combine geolocations or even time terminals with beacons in the same clocking point.

  • For example, you can name one clocking point as Company HQ and add different devices that represent this one location.

  • Alternatively, you can have one device, beacon, or geolocation per clocking point for maximum accuracy in reports

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