How to set up Famoco device?

This guide will help you set up Famoco device

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  1. Power up Famoco device and make sure the connection to the Internet is enabled. Startup All Hours application if not auto-started and copy Pairing code.

All Hours application - Pairing code

Note: For more information about Famoco device, please check the user manual.

2. Go to the web application and navigate to Settings\Clocking Points. Add a new clocking point or use the existing one.

New clocking point dialogue

3. Select Add button in the Time Clocks section on Clocking Point edit view.

Clocking point details

4. Select Android Time Terminal option and enter the pairing code from step 1. Update other device parameters if necessary. Finish the step by selecting the Save button.

Add time clock - Select device

5. Go back to the mobile application and enter PIN code for accessing Settings page. Finish the process by selecting the Exit settings button.

All Hours application - PIN code

Note: To access the Settings page, press and hold your finger on All Hours logo for 5 seconds.

6. If the application has successfully connected to the All Hours server, the device name is displayed and date/time parameters are updated according to time zone settings.

All Hours application - Online status

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