Calculation rules overview
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Calculation rules are set of individual rules and define how time&attendance data will be calculated. The rules can be defined on a global or team level. The global level rules are used by default and can be overridden on the team level if needed. Team level rules can be represented as "forks" of the global rules designed for each particular team. A set of team level rules is called Time policy in the application.

Calculation rules are grouped in three main categories:

  • System rules - This is a fixed list of preset rules which includes rules such as Start Time, Paid Time, Shift Start, etc. 

  • Daily counters - This is a custom list of daily counters which calculate data on the daily level.

  • Accruals - This is a custom list of period counters which calculate data on the period level.

Further on, Time policies are assigned to Work plans. Work plan is a list of time policies together with Day and Arrival windows restrictions. 

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