Users are your co-workers and employees who each receive their own login information. Think of it as Gmail for time & attendance.

You can add users in 2 ways:

  1. Add individual employees

  2. Add several employees at once

1. Add individual employees

To add users one by one, choose the Users tab first, click on the +Add user button on the top right corner.

Here you can fill out the form with the user's information.

  • Firstname and Lastname are mandatory.

  • You can assign a unique ID to every user.

  • Tags are useful to assign users to certain approvers.

  • Email is mandatory if you wish to use a web or mobile login.

  • Don't forget to tick the box Allow users to log.

  • At this step, you can Send an invite email to them so they can set their password.

  • Assign Authorization role to this certain user you are adding.

  • Click Save.

2. Add several employees at once

For bulk import of all your employees please go to tab Users and on the right top corner click on the arrow on button +Add user and choose Import (CSV).

Download the template file by clicking ''here''.

Keep in mind the requirements for import file:

  • Make sure you operate with CSV file. The encoding must be set to UTF-8.

  • The CSV file includes eight columns (Email, Firstname, Lastname, Identifier, Custom Id, Running balance (+/- hh:mm), Vacation balance and Last Year Vacation Days). All columns are always mandatory. To skip a column, leave it empty! Columns (Firstname and Lastname) are mandatory.

  • The email address parameter is unique across the application. This means that you cannot assign the same email address to multiple users.

Delete the example data (John Smith) from the template and add the data of your new users.

💡 For more clear table, you can sort your data in columns instead of delimited with a comma. Go to Data --> Text to columns --> Delimited --> Comma --> Finish. If you do this, make sure you mark semicolon (;) when importing the file in All Hours.

1. Choose delimiter.

2. Set a calculation start date.

3. Select the file button to upload the prepared file

During the upload process, the application scans the structure of the imported data. If some import requirements are not met, the information appears in the Import message column.

The creation of user accounts is mandatory when importing users.

If you choose the option Send invite emails, newly added users will receive invitations to All Hours on their mail. If you don't like to send it now you can send it later.

Select the appropriate role from the drop-down menu which appears when you click on the empty field.

Finish the process by selecting the Import button.

After a few seconds, a successfully imported user will receive an email with information on how to access the application.

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