All Hours has a few preset categories of time such as physical presence, work at home, annual leave, etc.

See Settings >> Category Definitions

Each category can have a different presence status, paid status, and an icon that can be displayed on the Calendar.

Time will be counted as paid or unpaid.

NOTE: This does not affect the Paid Time settings Global Time Settings and individual Time Policies.

Example: setting the paid time window from 8 AM to 4 PM means time is only counted as Paid in during those hours. Time clocked outside those hours will still count as Unpaid.

Setting a category to Unpaid will count the time as Unpaid even during the paid time window.

Presence status

When you setup a clocking event that starts a particular category, the Employee's presence status will reflect the settings from the Category.

Setting the Lunch category to a presence status of "Break" will show all employees currently clocking Lunch as being on a break on your presence widget:

NOTE: Only statuses that are used in your categories are shown on the presence widget.

Example: How to setup a counter and show it on reports >>

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