Clocking events

Clocking events are the bread and butter of All Hours. Typically these are Arrivals, Departures, Lunch breaks and so on. These clocking events are usually registered in real-time as they happen. They can be registered via the web clocking widget, the All Hours mobile app or a physical time terminal.

All Hours can accurately calculate the time between different clocking events. The most basic is counting the time between an Arrival (Clock-in) and Departure (Clock-out) event.

Every Arrival must be concluded with a Departure

All Hours will never count the time between two Arrival events. Instead, you should always have an Arrival followed by a Departure.

As you can see from the example below, the first Arrival in the day is not "connected" with any other event.

Lunch breaks, business trips, etc

You can also clock "paid exit" type of events. These events are clocked in real-time and signify the employee is leaving the office but as part of some sort of paid absence.

Your account is equipped with the following events:

  • Lunch break

  • Business departure

  • Business arrival

These events work as follows:

  • Lunch break:
    starts lunch break that can be ended by Arrival (returning to the office) or Departure (ending both lunch break and work)

  • Business departure:
    Start a paid absence with the employee missing from the building, usually used for business trips

  • Business arrival:
    A special event that signifies the employee returned from a business trip that was started without any previous events

Lunch breaks and Business trips can then be concluded by Arrivals or Departures. Arrival is used when the employee returns to work and Departure can be used when the employee stops working.

Time calculated as paid absence is marked with a green line as opposed to the blue line of "normal" work:


Absences are single events that take a certain amount of time. They are usually not clocked in real-time but requested up-front and approved by administrators and managers.

Partial absences are also supported and can take several hours per day with a start and end time. This way you can insert a few hours of sick leave per day as opposed to the whole day.

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