To start generating time&attendance data for the user, an appropriate configuration must be done.

1. Go to the Users view and select the appropriate user. 

Note: If you do not see the view, contact your account administrator to give you appropriate permissions.

2. Select the Time & Attendance tab. For time&attendance data the following parameters must be set:

  • Department - The user can be assigned to one department in a specific period.

  • Work plan - A work plan is a set of time rules which will be applied to the user in a specific period.

  • Calendar - A calendar is a set of calendar events that will be applied to the user in a specific period.

  • Calculation start date - This date signalizes the start of calculation for the user. The calculation before this date is not available.

  • Show on Time&Attendance views - This property must be selected to show the employee on Time&Attendance views.

Note: Keep in mind, that for the initial configuration all From dates should be the same.

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