Vacation balance shows the number of the vacation days still remaining of the annual
vacation quota. It is used as a reference value whenever an employee spends a day on vacation and the quota has to be decreased by one. 

Note: This counter is part of predefined configuration thus it is already available when a new account is created.  

1. Go to Settings/Global Time Rules/Accruals view and select Add button

Note: If you do not see the view, contact your account administrator to give you appropriate permissions.

2. Enter the desired counter name and proceed with the Save button.

3. Next, you need to set counter calculation parameters by selecting the Edit button.

  • Set Sources to Paid presence with method Subtract.
  • Set Conditions: Source categories to Annual leave.

4. Finish the process by selecting the Save button. The Period selection dialogue will appear where you select from what point in time the rule will be valid. Select the appropriate time point and select the Save button.

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